Below, you will find a list of every organization, software, person, and of course data monsters who have contributed to the DOTTAR project. DOTTAR tries to keep the list updated as much as possible, but if you have made a contribution to The DOTTAR Project and you don't see a thank you from DOTTAR below, send us a message through our contact form and we will thank you and get you added to DOTTAR's thank you page.


Softr currently powers the front-end of the DOTTAR database, as well as the site itself. The DOTTAR Project would like to extend a significant and heartfelt thank you to the team at Softr.


Airtable is what makes all things DOTTAR possible, it is the beating heart of the DOTTAR Project. The DOTTAR Project would like to extend a significant and heartfelt thank you to the team at Airtable.

Blush Design

Blush Design is what brought DOTTAR to life, with all his wonderful data monster self. The DOTTAR Project would like to extend a significant and heartfelt thank you to the team at Blush Design


YONG is the creator of the monster illustration set that is used to bring DOTTAR and his friends to life here at the DOTTAR Project. On behalf of all data monsters, and especially DOTTAR, thank you for bringing you're creativity to the world.


Notion is an amazing organizational/productivity tool we use here at the DOTTAR Project to help map out upcoming features, stay organized, and well just keeping our thoughts in one place. A special thank you from the DOTTAR Project, and DOTTAR himself, he loves anything related to storing data, he is a data monster after all.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is used by the DOTTAR Project to help us realize our creative designer side. We have been using Creative Cloud since day one on the DOTTAR Project. Thank you to Adobe, on behalf of DOTTAR and the rest of the project team.


The data monster himself, DOTTAR has been around since the very first day his home became a global database for technology resources. A heartfelt thank you from Joseph and the rest of the DOTTAR project team goes out to our favorite data monster, DOTTAR.

Google G Suite

Google's G Suite has been powering email and productivity for the DOTTAR Project since day one. DOTTAR wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you to Google for making projects like DOTTAR's database a reality.


Ko-fi helps us fund The DOTTAR Project, along with numerous other projects being brought to life by creatives everywhere. A special thank you from DOTTAR and The DOTTAR Project. <3

Thank You Data Monsters!

On behalf of DOTTAR himself, thank you to the following data monsters for contributing to the DOTTAR Project, and helping DOTTAR share technology resources with the world.

The DOTTAR Project would not be possible without DOTTAR and the rest of the data monsters who help keep the project alive, thriving, and most importantly, useful for people around the globe.

Thank you.

Anonymous Data Monsters, Joseph, Alec, and Alexander

This page was last updated by a helpful data monster on 07/23/2022.