Got a question? Check out DOTTAR's FAQs below. If you don't see the question or answer you were looking for, send us a message by visiting our Contact the DOTTAR Team link in the footer of every page.

What is The DOTTAR Project?

Simply put, The DOTTAR Project is a global database of resources for technology training and use, we provide an intuitive UI (user-interface) for people to access this information, as well as help people verify and keep the database up-to-date through our resident data monsters and volunteers.

What is a Data Monster?

A data monster is a cute little monster that loves to eat data, read data, talk data, well pretty much do anything with or for data. The DOTTAR Project is actually built in our Chief Data Monster DOTTAR's home. So please try to keep things neat, he gets grumpy when we make a mess.

What powers The DOTTAR Project?

The DOTTAR Project is powered by Airtable on the back-end, a hybrid spreadsheet-database cloud software, and Softr on the front-end, a intuitive and low/no-code platform that we use to polish off the database. We also make use of a lot of custom code that we place throughout the project.