Welcome to the contribution page, here you can contribute new resources to the project. If it's you're first time contributing, check out the guide below, simply click on the button below to expand the guide.

Is this you're first time submitting a resource? If so, here are some tips from DOTTAR our resident data monster: 1. Only fill out the information that is needed for the resource. If a field doesn't apply to you're resource, then don't fill it out. 2. Don't worry about duplicate entries, while it's always a good idea to do a quick search on the database to see if an entry for you're resource already exists, don't worry if you accidently submit a duplicate entry. Our resident data monsters take care of duplicate entries daily. 3. You may be noticing that some information is not present on the form but is present in the database, don't worry, it's like that on purpose. Each entry to the database is run through a nifty algorithm for verification and then volunteers and data monsters alike review each entry to the database manually. 4. What if my resource doesn't belong in the database? What if I am not sure if it should be added or not? Well, we think it's best if you submit the resource anyway, DOTTAR loves data of any kind, and if it isn't an appropriate entry to the database our volunteers will screen it out during the review process. 5. When you submit an entry to the database it goes live and is actively searchable the minute it's submitted, check back in a few days to see if the review process changed anything with you're entry. 6. If you want a personal thank you email from DOTTAR himself, provide you're email address in the form below and DOTTAR will reach out to you after he finishes eating the sweet sweet data you provided. That's about all there is to it, on behalf of DOTTAR and the rest of the data monsters, thank you for contributing to The DOTTAR Project.


Resources do not need to be submitted with thumbnails, it is 100% optional, but encouraged.
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Thank you for submitting a new resource to The DOTTAR Project, it's contributors like you that keep the project alive. Thank you! <3