The DOTTAR Project was created as a weekend project working with Airtable and Softr, it started out as a simple way to learn how to work with Airtable and get more familiar with Softr, however as I played around with Airtable I realized that I could move a lot of the notes I had stored in my personal Notion account into an Airtable base.

Well, one thing led to another and I moved my Notion page which contained every tech course or certificate I was looking to acquire over the next several years, along with some tools I have found over time and thought would be useful to keep a record of, as I did this I realized that I could create a front-end to my Airtable base and have a nifty little database portal. So I started building out the Softr site, and playing around with Airtable, and after a while the initial concept of DOTTAR kind of came into being.

DOTTAR itself is a mix of my need to make endless lists of data, I often find myself writing down lists of things I want to keep track of or that are related, its an odd habit, but it's something I have been doing for years. Along with my interest in learning new tools and software to stay current, as well as my current interest in low-code or no-code technologies. It also stems from the fact that I had been vigorously studying new tech support materials for several weeks straight and I needed a project to break up the constant studying.

So, after a weekend of work, DOTTAR was born.

I hope people find DOTTAR useful, I know it will grow with time, and I thank everyone who has made contributions or will make future contributions to the DOTTAR project.

Warmest regards,

Joseph, DOTTAR, and the rest of the DOTTAR Project <3